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18 year old college girl from California. Check out the "Good Music" link up there. 18+ ONLY, NSFW

Anonymous asked: favorite songs to play on the guitar?



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Anonymous asked: 5 facts about yourself...GO!


  1. I’m lactose intolerant, but I still eat ice cream, cheese, and drink chocolate milk BECAUSE I’M SUCH A REBEL.
  2. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school and it was the best thing to ever happen to me because I learned so much about myself there. The atmosphere was amazing: imagine being around 500 feminists who don’t shave their legs, know how to eat, and are wildly beautiful, intelligent, and talented. It was so empowering and inspiring. I still miss it everyday.
  3. I LOVE POLITICS AND CURRENT EVENTS. I listen to NPR everyday. (I’m a politics major, okay)
  4. Tom Hanks is my favorite actor. No explanation needed.
  5. I can quote Nacho Libre from start to finish.

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*follower confession* The first and one of the only times I ever came from oral sex, a caved to sexual tension with a guy ten years older than me. He put an ice cube between his lips, ran it down the length of my body and teased my pussy alternately with his tongue and the ice cube until I actually thought I would melt too. I still fantasize about it, guys my age just don’t get me like he did.

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Thank you for 150+ followers <3 

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